November 26th, 2017

As the fate of net neutrality laws dwindle on a precipice, the idea of siloing has been on my mind lately. With the internet, we’re able to share and communicate with human beings like never before. It’s arguable that, as a creative professional, there isn’t a better time to be alive. But now all of that is changing. The ways in which we consume media and information are going to be put in the hands of the corporations who operate the very gates from which the information came out of. They can adjust, censor, and favor websites and services based on the highest bidder. The free internet is a lifeless corpse; its organs up for auction with no remorse. I’ve called my senators multiple times and have yet to find any satisfaction that I did anything fractionally effective towards creating a positive change. We have to pay attention more and more each and every day to what is unraveling around us in a way that beautifully fuels paranoia. I do read history and am aware that change eventually happens, but I guess my idealistic perspective never foresaw the kind of change we are faced with, actually happening. Carl Sagan did; read The Demon Haunted World. In short, I guess I’m saddened by our inability to progress as a society.

While on a recent trip to Poland, during a rural drive, I noticed street art scrawled out across decrepit buildings proclaiming “Fuck The New World Order”. I was confused for about a day until hordes of Polish nationalists organized an enormous protest on their country’s own day of Independence. Speaking generally, I feel like money is typically a source of disparity within a nation’s morale. And I’m not a Polish sociological expert, but I do know their GDP and economy is doing pretty well. If you listen more closely to what those protestors were about, you’ll hear tell of “Anti Muslim” pleas and the like. Hate and fear are everywhere. This is a global endemic fueled by lunacy and a lack of education.

If I choose to stay inside and wall myself out from the outside world, it doesn’t seem as if I’m being an ineffective member of a community. However, to some, it’s clear that I might be. Their perspective is narrow in scope. Their basis of judgement might not consider any other possibility other than “he’s anti-social”. The reality is, I have my silo of friends, family, and peers with whom I prefer to communicate with. This blog is a silo of sorts, apart from social media networks like Facebook - it’s still TBD if anybody even reads this. I shelter myself from certain media influences by the choices I make in the news outlets I pay attention to. I avoid malls or stores to avoid consumer influence. Isn’t it ironic that someone who goes out of their way to avoid so many things, disagrees with the idea of “nationalism”? I guess, unlike these separatist-types, I still have an ounce of hope left for people.