December 1st, 2017

To be an artist requires constant inspiration. I've often wondered how anyone could sustain inspiration while living behind a Hollywood mansion wall of concrete and isolation. I'm lucky enough to never know. I was also lucky enough to attend a high school that truly opened my eyes to so much cultural understanding (either through the curriculum or the friends I'd made) to where I felt like I had a jump on things before anyone else. So I dropped out of college. Now, barely 27, I have a story relating back to many a faraway place. But it doesn't mean anything to anyone, really. In fact, many might consider this a turn off. As a young, struggling and helplessly naive filmmaker, I've restlessly traveled from city to city in search of "the place" that gives me the inspiration like a mother spooning medicine to a child. Is it the architecture? The food? The region? The ranking on a clickbait list of Best Places For A Young Artist? Anything. Gullible me. Experience is priceless and hindsight is 20/20, I suppose.

Since hitting this new "enlightened" age, I've discovered that your inspiration is wherever you are; no matter the place. The place doesn't give anything - YOU'RE THE ONE GIVING TO THE PLACE AND TO YOURSELF. This is why I've now started volunteering time to help the community I'm currently in. Right now - it's delivering food to the elderly and disabled via Meals on Wheels one day, preparing food for the homeless at a neighborhood kitchen on another day. To see the light of the faces of those you help light up is worth more than anything picking up and moving somewhere new could give you.